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Build your inner superpower

with Pauze

The world's first distraction-free mindfulness reminder
that helps you form mindful habits with minimal effort.

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Your daily pauze

is your path to your inner superpower.

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Pauzes are mindful moments in which we are fully aware of the here and now. During our Pauzes we pay attention to our inside and outside world and are fully engaged with the actual moment. 

At Pauze we help you find these precious moments in your everyday life and build up a routine to practice mindfulness at any time, wherever you are, and whoever you are with.

Being more mindful means you can respond to situations with choice, rather than react automatically.


Stop draining your mind, focus and emotions on "what if"-questions and start building your inner superpower with Pauze.

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Designed with love in Germany


Proven benefits of a mindful lifestyle

Emotional Intelligence


Focus & Memory


Reduced Stress


We believe that everyone can lead a happier, more balanced and healthier life with just a few Pauzes a day.
Join the early access community now and we’ll notify you as soon as we launch Pauze!

What our community says about Pauze

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“Pauze has changed how we lead our teams forever. Being mindful at work is a game changer!”

- Kelly, Lawyer NYC Association

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“With my mindful pauzes, I’m finally able to reduce my stress level and cope with tough times.”

- Marie, Team Leader at Airbus

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“Pauze helps me increase my focus and reduce distractions during finals.”

- Marcus, Student at Harvard

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Join our early access community to get a free Pauzebook with scientifically proven mindfulness exercises for more focus, resilience and less distraction.

If you want to transform your workplace and make it more productive with mindful routines, let us know. We have great offers for you in place!

Vielen Dank!


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